Locals amazed by "moving stairs":

Locals amazed by "moving stairs":

His mother refused surgery for him:

A local wedding:

Lunch at one of our schools:

Visitation at one of the local's home:

Blessing locals with candy:

Local children getting candy suckers:

Helping locals/tribes people gather supplies:

They are very appreciative of the help provided:

Hands-on teaching the local tribal kids:

Enjoying and having fun with the children:

Laarni also interacting with the children:

Baptism in the river:

Tribal chief Lopi before surgery:

Vacation Bible School:

Giving out rewards for VBS (Vacation Bible School):

The outstanding students at VBS (Vacation Bible School):

Cooking pot used for feeding program:

Tribal kids enjoying their meal:

Praying for children before issuing medications:

Crossing the river to conduct medical mission:

Laarni working as pharmacist for the day:

Providing the medication per doctors instructions:

Receiving Bibles at Vacation Bible School graduation:

Treats for the tribal children:

Even the adults like the treats!

Laarni giving out medication at the medical mission:

Laarni and Dr. Mylynn loving on twins: